Pure was created to inspire individuals to be themselves. To accept what they cannot change, and learn to adapt to their ever changing perspective. Pure is here to help you move forward with the confidence that you are enough. 

What is Pure Clothing?

A Lifestyle reinforced by the founder Matthew Barletta. Beginning with clothes, Pure offers a wide range of pieces that instil a sense of identity in themselves.

Overtime, Pure will be featured and a part of our everyday life and in society. In someway we will make that possible.
Pure will be featured on Billboards, you look on IG and you'll see PURE, PURE is changing the way we live. We spread and promote being yourself, loving yourself, and being happy and comfortable with the life you live.
When will my order ship?
Please allow 24 hours  for your order to be processed and verified.
Your order will be shipped after 1-2 business days after you placed it.
Returns or Exchange
To make a return, contact pureclothingny@gmail.com with the subject line RETURN or EXCHANGE.
Please allow 12 hours for a response, and someone will help you ASAP.